Off-Site Backup

Never worry about losing data again from a hardware or software failure. Off-Site backup from Advanced Computer Solutions SECURELY sends a copy of your important files to our in-store backup server.

  • Secure

                 All backup data is transmitted over a secure industry-standard AES256 connection. All off-site backups are monitored on a daily basis to ensure reliability.

  • Quiet

                 Backups can be throttled down during peak business hours so they DO NOT affect connectivity while you work.

  • Local

                 In the event of a failure, pick your data up at our LOCAL retail location.

  • Fast Reponse

                 Initial backups are taken on-site and seeded into the backup server. No need for us to mail the initial backup off to a remote location, SAVING WEEKS of time!

As low as $300 a year!

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